*** Hopi Ear Candles ***


What are Hopi Ear Candles you may ask?


Hopi Ear Candles are hollow cylinders usually between 10 and 15 inches in length which are used mainly for relaxation purposes but have also been seen by many to have health benefits too. They are mainly made of untreated cotton wrapped in natures ingredients like beeswax and essential oils. Tests show that there has been success in treating tinnitus, enabling excessive ear wax to become free and fall out naturally, and also to give a more complete feeling of wellbeing. Hopi Ear Candles have been used for thousands of years all across the world and it is hard to pinpoint just where it originated.


Smooth Massage On The Eardrum

Helpfull For Earache, Ear Noise, Stress & Nervousness

Single Session £15.00

Course Of Five Sesions £60.00


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