*** Semi-Permanent Make-Up ***

By Becca Li
Trained at Harley Street. London


* What is semi-permanent make up *

Semi-permanent make-up is an exciting new procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigment made of natural iron oxide is placed into the dermal layer of the skin.
It is hypo-allergenic and there are no fragrances, emollients
or other ingredients added.
Your preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin
where it remains for up to 5 years.
The pigments we use are non reactive and virtually limitless
in the choice of colours available.
This make-up is perfectly safe and has been approved by doctors
and written favourably about by many respected beauty writers


* Who is it suitable for? *

Anyone and everyone! Many women find that it saves them precious
    time every morning, gives the face a ‘younger’ and healthier looking
               appearance and has the obvious benefit staying put 24/ 7!

* Does it hurt? *

       Although sensations will vary, Becca considers comfort of paramount
       Importance and applies anaesthetic prior to treatment to numb the area.

  All clients will need an Allergy test prior to any of the following procedures.

There are 2 parts to each of the following procedures:

PART 1:  Design consultation and foundation colour application.
(Please note: this part of the procedure usually takes 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete)

PART 2: Finishing colour application.
 (This procedure needs to be carried out 4 weeks after and within 2 months of part 1)
                    Please allow 1 to 1 ½ hours for this part of the procedure


For more information about our  Sem-Permanent make- up or to book a consultation
                              Please contact the salon 0121 357 4479


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