Vertical Tanning Units


180 Watt Tubes Fast Tan

3 Mins      £2.00

 6 Mins      £4.00

 9 Mins      £6.00

Why Not Buy A Block Booking & Save Money!!

5x3 Mins + 1 Session Free £10.00

 5x6 Mins + 1 Session Free £19.00

 5x9 Mins + 2 Session Free £30.00

 10x3 Mins + 2 Session Free £20.00

 10x6 Mins + 2 Session Free £36.00

 10x9 Mins + 4 Session Free £52.00

Spray Tanning.

Fake Bake The fast and easy way to get that sun kissed look in just a few Mins

The professional spray tan application is the fastest (typically 10-15 minute treatment) and most convenient way to enjoy a Fake Bake application in a salon. The tan is applied to your skin as a mist via a spray gun. It is generally believed that the professional spray tan application provides the most even tanning results because the atomised Fake Bake tanning liquid is applied to the skin perfectly uniform. Fake Bake gives an instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless fake tan by combining naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose ­ guaranteeing longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results. Fake Bake have developed botanical ingredients to remove parabens and artificial preservatives.

A Natural Looking Tan That Can Last Up To 7-10 Days

Full Body Spray    £20.00

Top-Up (If Taken Within 10 Days)    £10.00

Half Body    £10.00

Just Legs    £10.00

fake bake

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